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dorm-girls-love-baseballDorm Girls Chicago had an exciting week. The city of Chicago had an exciting week also.The Cubs won the National League Pennant for the first time in 71 years.

This is the only thing everyone is talking about.  Our escorts are not into sports. But our girls are into a good party. Who doesn’t love a party? Since Sunday night, the town has not stopped partying.  The newspapers, tv, Internet are all spewing about the Cubs. These guys are rock stars. It’s a pretty big deal since the Cubs have not won a series in 100 years!  The odds are actually all in their favor.  The bookies are calling the Cubs. Let’s hope they are right. Get your tickets and book your rooms now as the city will sell out when the series starts. Standing room only will be posted.

Dorm Girls escorts have been doing great this week. Everyone is on a high. The town is starting to be booked out for hotel rooms.  The streets are crowded and restaurants are packed with locals and tourists.  Our super hot, GFE escorts, have been running around to a lot of hotels this week.  Multiple hour dates seem to be the hot ticket.  I sent out 2 hot escorts to 2 cool guys, and they stayed for 6 hours each.  These guys all fall in love with these girls.

The hotel suite was a den of sin!  Room service was knocking every hour with snacks and bottles of champagne. The girls had a blast and the guys didn’t want them to leave. If they didn’t have a flight to catch I am sure the girls would still be there.

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