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City or Suburb
1 hr – $500

Age: 35
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 130
Measurements: 34C-26-34
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Dark
Travels: Yes

Loves: Art Museums
Loves: Fancy Dresses
Loves: Living in Chicago
Loves: Black tie events

Hey guys,

Danielle here. Let me tell you that I am a mix of Hawaiian, Japanese, American, and Canadian. I have dark hair and dark eyes. I am thin, and have only a slight Asian look to me – if anyone would notice at all. Most just consider me a bit exotic but can never put their finger on it. I either dress up or down, there is no much in between. I like a fancy fancy evening dress but I doubt you would want me to show up in one. I will be casual when we meet.

I am a late-night girl and sleep in the mornings. For some reason, I love the night. I do not like mornings. I can travel to any suburb of Chicago that is 1 hour or less from the City. I give a good massage and am told I am easy going. I do not drink alcohol but have no problem if you choose to. I drive myself to my appointments so I am super careful, especially late at night.

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