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Brace For Change

Welcome to our weekly Blog. Much has happened this week in regards to Escorts all over the Untied States, and our escorts in Chicago.  Many, very popular and extremely successful online adult website sites suddenly went dark. A few of the bigger Escort sites:    ...

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Dorm Girls Jokes For 2017

Here are a few funny New Years' stories we would like to share with you. A good laugh to start 2017 with! Lecture Tour with A Difference On New Year's Eve, Daniel was in no shape to drive, so he sensibly left his van parked and walked home.  As he was wobbling along,...

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Dorm Girls Party in December

It has been a partying month in Chicago. The month of December is the best month for parties.  Tons of holiday parties, charity events, and conventions. The city looks amazing. Walking out the door makes you feel good.  Our city is decorated very pretty. The lights...

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Treat Yourself To a Splurge

This week I would like to tell my readers about a nice guy who was in Chicago for a convention and decided to Splurge. I will call him Chuck but that's not his real name. Chuck filled out a reservation form 2 weeks before his trip - always a good idea to plan ahead,...

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Why Put Up a Christmas Tree?

Where does the Christmas tree come from? Who started this tradition?  Why put up a tree? All questions asked many times over the years. Dorm girls all had a discussion on this the other day and this is what we found out. The symbolic meaning of Christmas trees...

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Dorm Girls Love Baseball

Dorm Girls Chicago had an exciting week. The city of Chicago had an exciting week also.The Cubs won the National League Pennant for the first time in 71 years. This is the only thing everyone is talking about.  Our escorts are not into sports. But our girls are into a...

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Autumn With Dorm Girls

Dorm Girls Escorts are out and about all over Chicagoland. Our super cool escorts have been on dates to tons of sporting events this fall. The phones have been ringing with date requests every time a game is in town. The other night we sent a few girls to the Cubs...

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Independent Escorts vs Agency Escorts

Hello again everyone in Chicagoland! My blog this week concerns why would any Chicago escort want to work as an independent escort?  I have been answering phones for a lot of years here in Chicago.  I remember when there was no such thing as an escort who was...

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Dorm Girls Chicago Love Summer

Summer is zipping by us. All of our beautiful escorts have been loving life here in Chicago. The summer has been filled with many activities. * Street Fairs * Music Festivals * The Air and Water Show * Art Expos Our girls at Dorm Girls Escorts, we have been having...

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Dorm Girls Love July 4th Parties

Chicago was a fun this week.  Everyone was July 4th ready. The city got quiet without of town folk, but was rocking from within.  It is a time for grilling and Chicago loves their burgers.  All of our escorts had their entire weekend planned.  All the girls were...

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