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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escort agency?

A: We help arrange a date with one of our lovely escorts for you. One of our escorts will be your companion for the amount of time you book them for. Our escorts are available to accompany you to dinner, a corporate function, or they will spend time with you in any location you decide including your home or hotel. You are charged for this service and to spend time with an escort.

The way to look at this is as a means of replacing traditional, conventional dating with something that is much more cost- and time-efficient. What you are NOT doing, when you book an escort with us, is paying for sex. When you book with us, you are paying for the young lady’s time and that is all. Whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you and a matter of whatever spark occurs between you. What’s great about our is that it is both entirely legal and very, very useful. That’s because we exist solely to cut through all the red tape of dating in order to let you cut to the good part. In other words, you leave behind all the hassle, the waste of time, the waste of money, and general grind that is the traditional dating process. No man really enjoys all the time and effort that leads up to eventually getting a date with a young woman, right? Well, for a fee you can pay to be put in touch with an exceptionally attractive woman and then take her out (or spend a quiet night at home or in your hotel getting to know her) without going through that whole tedious ordeal that usually begins a date.

Is getting a Chicago escort legal?

A: Yes of course this is legal, you are simply going on a date and enjoying companionship with a beautiful woman.
It’s important to remember that we do not arrange for sex, and this is not prostitution. When you book with us, you are paying for the young lady’s time, and nothing more. Whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you and a matter of whatever spark occurs between you. The beauty of the service we offer is that it is both entirely legal and very, very useful. That’s because we exist solely to cut through all the red tape of dating in order to let you cut to the good part. In other words, you leave behind all the hassle, the waste of time, the waste of money, and general grind that is the traditional dating process. Dating that way is old-fashioned. Dating our way is much more fun, much more cost-effective, and much more time efficient.

Can you send me more pictures of an escort I like?

Unfortunately, this will be against our rules and regulations but we can assure you that the pictures on our website are the latest and most accurate ones available.

We are in the market to please you, after all, and we will make every effort to see to it that you are satisfied no matter what. We care about you and your happiness.

What do you do with my information?

A: All of your info is secured and kept in the strictest confidence. We take great measures to keep everything private and confidential.

If you are uncertain about how services work, we hope that you can find the answers to your questions on this page. However if for some reason you are unable to find the answer to your questions here, we are more than happy to answer your questions by telephone. Please visit our contact us page if you would rather correspond via email.

As we’ve already explained, we do strive to protect your privacy and confidentiality from the moment you first contact us. It’s very important to us that you know you can count on us, and so we take great pains to make sure you can relax and enjoy yourself. We always protect your personal information. We will not store any information that could be misused, and we never share your information with any third party (so you don’t have to worry that we’ll sell your e-mail to a spam mailing list or anything like that). What’s more, we train our young ladies to protect your privacy at all times. They will never discuss with anyone else anything about you. They will not disclose to another soul the fact that you used our service, nor will they share anything they learn about you. What’s more, our New York escorts will not discuss their dates with each other, thus doubly ensuring your privacy. We screen our talent to make sure they are discrete, and if they cannot keep our clients’ confidence, we do not keep them on staff or list them on our website. It’s very important that our clients understand just how actively we protect their interests. It is paramount to everything we do.

What does my payment cover?

Your payment will cover your escort fees, transportation cost, and agency fees. Our inclusive fees are listed on the bookings page or can be discussed with a booking agent. Please check the escort’s page directly for any additional fees that will be required.

Why do some escorts charge higher fees than others?

New escorts may charge a lower rate; nonetheless you will still receive good service. We also have mid-priced escorts that have received good reviews and always show up looking great. The highest paid young ladies are our VIP ladies; VIP ladies provide unparalleled service and are normally highly requested. VIP’s are usually very selective when taking on new clients.

Do you make half hour appointments?

No. We book multi-hour appointments only.

When you book with us, though, provided you do book multiple hours, you can book as many hours as you like, within reason. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. If you just need a few hours in between other appointments to relax a little, that’s fine. If you need more time to attend a specific event or function with your date, that’s okay too. The booking is tailored to your specific needs. Just explain to us what you need.

What happens when a model is not available?

Please let us know if you are unable to book an appointment for an escort that you are interested in and cannot get a date booked. We will be happy to help you select someone with a similar profile or help you book in advance for the escort of your choice.

Is tipping required?

You are not required to tip any of our escorts but tipping and gifts are accepted. If additional fees are required they will be noted on the escort’s profile.

Do you provide a girl friend experience?

Yes, we do provide the GFE. To be clear a GFE includes kissing, holding hands, and cuddling.

Can I talk to the escort directly by phone prior to our date?

No. Our service values the privacy of our escorts. make all of the arrangements for them and we represent them in this transaction. escort service was created to eliminate the need for the escort to make contact with each client. Our escorts prefer us to handle all the financial, booking, and accommodations on their behalf. In order not to taint the relationship between this agency, the escort, and you the client we are your point of contact for each escort.

Is this service private?

We will never disclose, exchange, or sell our client’s details with any other party. We will never waiver on this policy. We screen each escort in house and no one has access to your information.

How far in advance should I book an escort?

We can make same day arrangements. In some instances we may need up to 3 hours to fully arrange a date. We can take bookings up to 1 month in advance. To book a date that is further out please contact our booking service and provide the date, time, and place you need the date to take place.

How do I cancel a date?

Please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you intend to cancel to prevent an unnecessary travel expense. We will be happy to reschedule. If you cancel 48 hours before your appointment is booked there is no cancellation fee. In the event travel expenses are incurred we reserve the right to charge a $50 cancellation fee.

How should I get ready for my date?

You get ready just like you would for any other date. Most people make sure to shower and shave and have a clean and tidy room or apartment.

What information do I have to provide to book my date?

For the security of our escorts we will require your name, address or hotel, and a phone number where you can be reached. You can be assured we will use discretion handling this information.

What method of payment do you accept?


I’ve never done this before and I am nervous, what should I do?

Don’t be nervous, our escorts will make you feel comfortable and they all have great personalities. Within a matter of minutes you will begin to feel at ease and like you’ve known them forever. Our escorts will ensure that you have a great time. You can call our office we will do our best to help put your mind at ease.

Is there a limit to how many hours I can spend with my date?

Yes, you will be booking a block of time with the escort of your choice. If you need additional time you can book additional time.

Can I extend my time with an escort while on a date?

Yes, if your escort will be available for the rest of the evening we will be happy to help you with extending your time with her.

What if I decide I don’t like my escort?

We ask that you read your escorts profile in detail before making a selection. If you decide that she is not a good fit after her arrival please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make every attempt to work with you. A $50 cancellation fee maybe charged. Please review our full cancellation policy for full details.

Can I book more than one girl at a time?

Yes, you may book more than one escort at a time. Many of our escorts are happy to work in pairs. If you need more than one companion please contact us directly so that we may discuss what you actually require.

Are the fees negotiable?

No.! All fees are non-negotiable. Our commitment to a higher quality of service and experience is worth the requested fee. However we do offer specials and discounts from time to time.

Do you accept special requests?

We will be happy to discuss your special request with the escort of your choice. While we cannot guarantee that your request can be honored we will do our best to help accommodate your request. Many simple request, like can she wear stockings, or high heels, are easily negotiated. More complicated request may not be granted.

Help, my question is not here, what should I do?

Please feel free to contact our booking service. We are committed to providing a high level of service and anyone will be happy to answer any question you have.

What can I expect from my escort?

Expect to have a great time on your date. You will get the escort you saw in the picture online. We do not run a bait and switch. Your escort will work to make sure that you are having the evening you have planned. The escort you choose will be discreet. She will arrive on time and stay for the full time you have booked her for, you will not feel rushed. All of our escorts practice good hygiene and expect the same from you. If this is your first date please feel free to speak with one of our booking agents they can provide you with some information on customary etiquette while using an escort service.

One More Thing!

  • Expect to pay your escort upfront. So have payment ready for her.
  • We require a phone check from all of our escorts, and when she makes this call it is not a rude gesture towards you.
  • Please do not ask for your escorts phone number, email address, or personal address.
  • Please do not try to book additional dates with your escort.
  • Please do not ask intimate questions about your escort and her personal life.
  • Please do not ask your escort to offset fees or defer cost.
  • Please note that we do provide top-notch security for all of our escorts and we will report anyone that abuses one of our young ladies.
  • Be respectful of all of our girls
  • Understand that the girls also try to maintain a level of privacy just like you are.
  • Respect any restrictions that your escort asks you to follow.
  • Try to enjoy your time together rather than talking about past experiences with other girls or other escort services.
  • It is against the law to solicit sex for money.
  • Respect your escorts’ time, you should be on time for your appointment and when your appointment is over understand that it is over.
  • If you want to extend the time of your appointment you should ask well in advance so that arrangements can be made.
  • Try to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, in an emergency situation please try to cancel at least 1 hour in advance.
  • You get what you give. So if you are kind, patient, and generous you are more likely to get that in return.
  • While helping you obtain your dreams and fantasy are important if they are outside the scope of what has previously been negotiated you cannot expect the escort to comply.

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