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independent-vs-agency-escortsHello again everyone in Chicagoland!

My blog this week concerns why would any Chicago escort want to work as an independent escort?  I have been answering phones for a lot of years here in Chicago.  I remember when there was no such thing as an escort who was “independent”. They all had to work with the agencies, as the agencies ran all the Yellow Page ads and any other print ads.

Today, however, there are many, many, independent escorts.  They run their own ads on Backpage and Eros. There are many other sites that specialize in independent escorts also. Some of these escort girls have their own web sites, which kinda blows me away. I mean, this is out there for everyone to see, and forever!

These independent escorts answer their own calls by emails or phone or text. They screen the clients if they know how to. Most don’t, and a lot don’t answer or respond for days. How they actually book the call is beyond me.

I hear a lot of guys complain that the independents don’t answer or show up!  The ones who answer put the guy through the 3rd degree trying to verify him.  They want references and all personal information. They ask for work verification, home and job location, email address, cell phone number , etc. The list goes on and on.  Why they go through this shocks me. They cut their prices and would make the same money working for an agency.  Why bother? I book the call, screen the client, run the ads etc. Here at Dorm Girls, all the girl needs to do is Show up! I can book out one girl on 3-4 calls a day where an independent girl can’t get out of her own way. She is being bombarded with crazy calls and guys wanting to talk to her. Some just want to date her or just waste her time.

Independent escorts are you thinking here??   Call me and if you’re eligible you can work with us and Dorm Girls.

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