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Treat Yourself To a Splurge at Dorm Girls ChicagoThis week I would like to tell my readers about a nice guy who was in Chicago for a convention and decided to Splurge. I will call him Chuck but that’s not his real name.

Chuck filled out a reservation form 2 weeks before his trip – always a good idea to plan ahead, and I love these clients. His initial date was for All Night.  He was originally thinking of 1 girl for 12 hours.  He wanted dinner, drinks, out again and then for her to spend the night.

Since I am a great matchmaker I tossed out this request.  Chuck and I started emailing back and forth.  I realized he didn’t get out much back home. He worked on a farm.  Up early and down early.  He really needed some serious fun, but not with 1 escort, but 3 escorts!

I kept talking to Chuck and explained my hesitation about him meeting 1escort that he never met before for so long. It’s hard to meet a total stranger and spend 12 hours with them.  Honestly, it’s hard to spend 12 hours with someone you love!  Anyway, I felt it my duty to rock Chuck’s world.  If this was a real splurge then we may as well go for it.

Chuck was scheduled to date my one escort for 4-hour Friday afternoon from 7-11pm.  They went out for dinner and drinks and had a blast.  They then spent quiet time at his hotel.

At 12am, I sent another hot escort to visit Chuck for 1.5 hours and put him to bed!  Chuck had a blast and was very worn out from this evenings events.

The best is yet to come.  Saturday night, Chuck had convention commitments till 10pm.  At 11pm I sent another escort to visit Chuck for 3 hours at his hotel.  They did hit the hotel bar and then crashed back at his room.  Chuck was a happy man.  He called me on Sunday and told me it was the best weekend he ever had!  Chuck loved our escorts and loved the variety.

He was so happy he got to meet 3 escorts instead of just 1.  Happy days at Dorm Girls!

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