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WHY CAN’T MY ESCORT BE HERE IN 10 MINUTES? - Dorm Girls Chicago Escorts


Unlike a volunteer fireman, escort girls do not sit in front of their door waiting and ready for a call to rush out in under 60 seconds. The girls all like to be fresh and neat for your appointment. So when they get a booking. They take down the information and program it into GPS. Or take down the information and call a cab.


The girls need to touch up their hair, freshen their makeup and body.


Grab purse, coat, and keys. Go to car. Not all cars are next to the house in a garage. Some of the escort girls who live in the city park their cars in garages a few blocks away from their home. I have timed my walk from my front door, down the hall, in the elevator, and to the parking garage at 10 minutes. And that is if the elevator does not stop at any of the other floors.  Or walk over a block and grab a cab makes it 15 minutes.


Now it depends on where you are at versus where she is at. Are you 10 minutes away or 30 minutes away? And we have to hope that the GPS or Mapquest is correct in the directions. It would be nice if that was true and we always got perfect directions.

Traffic!!! Yes, there can be traffic at 2 am.

Downtown is famous for delivery trucks blocking a street. And during nice weather, there is always DOT crews repairing potholes and such. Downtown as well as on the freeways.


If you are residential and the escort can pull into your driveway or in front of your house. GREAT. But sometimes there is no parking and she has to circle the block several times. She likes to park close because besides walking 3 blocks in very high heels it is dark out and she is a pretty girl all alone on the street.

If it’s a downtown hotel and it’s late, good luck getting the valet to come get your car. These guys have been found watching TV in the lobby. Sleeping in parked cars in the garage. You get the picture.

If you are in a hotel in the suburbs. The parking lot is usually pretty full and the escort to park a distance from the building and go into the lobby and find your room.


I think I have made my point. It would be wonderful if each escort had a transporter like on Star Trek. But not in this century is that going to happen. I do understand that once you book the appointment you are excited and anxious to get started. All of the super receptionist staff understands as well. So feel free to call them while your escort is on the way. They will gladly assure you that she is coming! And try to be as accurate as possible with her time of arrival.

Sometimes it is hard to call the girl while she is on the way. Cell phones and driving are not the best combinations. But they will do their best to keep you updated.

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