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Most of this is my opinion with feedback from the Chicago Escorts as well. Do not want to offend anyone. But sometimes we just have to tell it like it is – just so you know.

Check it out:

The definition of “manscaping,” according to the Urban Dictionary, is to groom a man – that is, shaving, waxing, and cleaning up the superfluous fur!

Who Made This Shit Up?

Who said you have to shave everything? Gack! You look like a giant vagina. Men were meant to be hairy. It’s sexy. I am not including the guys who are so hairy that they look like they are wearing a sweater when they take their shirt off. There are a few guys out there that resemble Chewbacca. That is a different trimming issue. I am talking about the majority of guys that have moderate chest hair.

Nothing Is Worse Than Chest Stubble

Then to that add the razor bumps to that. Blech! The silliest thing is a man who has shaved everything. Unless you are in some wild athletic event it’s just creepy. I hate razor burn I get from kissing. But razor burns from being near your chest is not in any woman’s game plan. The problem is most guys who shave their chest do not keep it up. It’s like being with a lazy transvestite, but not as much fun.

Several of the escort gals at our agency told me stories of getting their long hair hung up on chest stubble. One escort said it was so bad with her gentleman that she made him put on a tee shirt. But it just stuck through the fabric and kept poking her.

There are some women who like the big three shaved – Sack, Back, and Crack. I am not one of them. I am not against some hedge trimming nor should you be. If it’s sticking out of the top of your shirt. Trim it. If the elastic on your tightie whities is yanking at your pubic hair. Trim it. But I think the women who advocate waxing and total shaving just want you men to suffer the way we do in our daily rituals to be hairless. Although I would like every man to try waxing just once. But I think every man should try having a baby too. So sue me.

Now for the biggie. Yes, you must trim the genital area if you are hairy. No woman wants to go diving into a forest to find Mr. Happy. And I will not even mention getting hair stuck in my mouth. Yuck! Trim it back boys. I have had some men tell me they do it because it makes their magic wand look bigger. If that one gets guys to trim it, I am all for it. By all means, trim trim trim and look BIGGER.

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