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DO YOU REALLY WANT A 20-YEAR-OLD ESCORT? - Dorm Girls Chicago Escorts


So let’s talk about the age of our escorts here at Escorts Chicago.  It’s a question I am constantly getting from all you guys.  Most of you seem to think you want young, 20-23-year-old escorts. You ask my opinion.  Oh I want young.  This is what I hear from a lot of clients.  Well, ok so let’s talk about young Chicago escorts.  Do you realize some of these “younger” escorts are not the sharpest of girls.  They are young, sometimes a bit ditzy, and it sometimes takes me (your favorite booking agent) forever to get them set up on an appointment.

By the time they manage to arrive at their appointments, these escorts are always 15 minutes late ( I have to “fudge” times to get them there on time ). They seem to always be in a bit of a hurry. These young girls are always rushing, no matter what they are doing.  They have very little calm going on within them. What besides hi, and how are you, can really talk about with a 20-year-old baby face escort?  I get you really don’t want to talk, but seriously guys, unless your under 40 yourself, these escorts are just a bit too young.

At Escorts Chicago we have the majority of our escorts in age range, 24-31 years old.  These girls are night and day compared to our younger group.  They are more mature and sophisticated and believe me have better figures. These girls will make your date enjoyable and memorable.  They don’t rush, and their level of service far exceeds the younger escorts.

These girls at Escorts Chicago enjoy their experience as much as you do.  Their bodies are more in tune with their needs and yours.

Our two best girls here at Escorts Chicago are Maya and Vicky, who are both older gals in their late thirties and early forties.  These girls have killer figures and fantastic personalities.  They are fun, great to talk with and love multiple hour dinner dates.  Both Maya and Vicky comes with rave reviews from some of our more “challenging” clients.

So the moral of my story is, when you call for a date, don’t be so stuck on “young” and listen to me, your booking agent, and let me guide you along to the “right” Chicago escort.

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