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One call does it all. You do not have to sort through hundreds of ads. Try and figure out who is working when. And then make lots and lots of phone calls to find someone who is answering their phone. Try and figure out whose pictures are real or very old. Get out a notebook to try and keep track of who you called and when she was available. Our Escort Service has a wide selection all on one web page for you to choose from. Escort agencies do not double book the girls so your girl will show up. In the event of that rare occurrence where a car does not start or there is a mishap on the road blocking all traffic the operator will keep you informed at all times of a girl’s ETA. An agency has lots of other girls working who can step up to the plate. You will not be SOL. Our phones are always answered. We will never leave you hanging with voice mail. Many independents are girls who put up a quick ad to get a set of new tires and that is fine. But how do you weed out the ones with drug problems or a boyfriend out in the car?


At Escorts Chicago we have gone through a screening process to hire a wide range of girls that meet the needs of lots of different gentleman. Also our Escort Agency has a staff answering the phone that knows what you are looking for. We have been in business for 26 years and keep to our high standards at all times. If we do not have the type of escort you are looking for we will not just send you anyone to get a fee. We want your repeat business not just a onetime shot. Our escorts are not career girls or girls with problems. They are girls who have other jobs or are students. These girls are just looking for a little extra income or fun.


The only complaint we have ever heard is that you are unable to talk to the escort yourself before she arrives. None of the independent girls are going to have an in-depth conversation with you anyway. They run into way too many guys who just want to chat. And lots of inappropriate questions as well. Everyone on staff has in depth knowledge of each and every escort on staff. So they can answer just about any appropriate question you might have. Our staff can give you a real feel for the girl who is coming to see you. You will not be disappointed.
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