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  • Answered the door naked …
  • Took several phone calls while I was in the room …
  • House was filthy. Never even made an effort to pick up.
  • The client just came from the hotel gym and was very stinky and sweaty.
  • Left his house after he made the appointment. To run to the store and did not tell the agency. I had to wait in his driveway for 20 minutes, never even apologized.
  • Can’t find ID or money. Not making an effort to look.
  • No means No. I do not want an alcoholic beverage.
  • Wants me to get in a hot tub. Yikes. My hair will frizz and I am not wearing waterproof mascara. Can you say raccoon eyes?
  • Did not bother to brush teeth before I arrived and wants GFE.
  • Does not understand I have to check the ID and get paid before I can get “comfy”.
  • My time starts when I arrive not when you decide to finally get out your credit card so I can do the paperwork.
  • Clients who offer you drugs. OR even worse. Clients who expect you to make a phone call to find him drugs. I am an escort, not a drug dealer.
  • Guys who told the waiter and the table next to us that I was a paid escort.
  • Men who think rough is macho.
  • Men who want a discount because they think they are good looking.
  • Even though I mentioned 3 times we only had 20 minutes left he got upset when I told him I had to leave in 5 minutes.
  • Clients who spend the entire time with you asking for your phone number. PULEEZE I am going to risk a good job so you can save some money?????
  • Men who say if I stay longer without telling the agency they will call me back more often. I must look like a dumb blonde.
  • The guy who took the little blue pill.
  • The reason I work for an agency is so that my cell phone only rings when I am working. I do not want anyone calling, texting or leaving me a voice mail at inconvenient times.
  • We will be adding to this every month. So feel free to check back.
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