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Foreplay is not a waste of time. It’s a necessity for a “girlfriend experience” (GFE). And You have to preheat the oven boys before you put the loaf in. Warming us up is not hard to do. Just takes a little know-how. You can tune up your foreplay skills to satisfy any woman.

Foreplay is not a nipple tweak or pat on the butt. It’s a process that you should plan on taking some time to learn correctly. You will benefit greatly in the long run. The best sex I have ever had involved lots of great foreplay and an orgasm or two … or maybe three. Memorable to say the least. I barely remember the sex. But the lead up was incredible.

It’s mental as well as physical. Some really wise men start the foreplay hours before the event with a few suggestions. Verbal or text does not matter. It helps build the anticipation. Even if your foreplay skills are the best, it could be derailed by many things. Too much light in the room, too much outside noise, your sweaty gym clothes are still on your body. Set the stage as well.

Don’t just go grabbing a boob or butt for goodness sake. Going there right away screams desperate or quickie. Rub her arm, neck, or thigh. Slowly and gently. Play with her hair. Do not be selfish here. Keep remembering that. There will be a bigger payoff in the long run.


Think erotic. Underwear last. Keep touching softly and rubbing gently. Anticipation is the key here. Make her squirm.

Start by kissing her all over. Gentle and slow. She is aroused hard and fast is not a good idea right now. No tickling. You want moaning not laughing. Go back to the lips every few minutes. Take her head in your hands gently and soul kiss her. Very erotic.

Start talking. Give her a compliment and one little dirty suggestion. Balance is the key here. Too much complimenting sounds faked. And too much dirty talk can .. well, just be too dirty. Tell her what you want to do with her while you are kissing he stomach. Tell her how hot she looks laying there naked. Suck on her toes and tell her are beautiful her feet are. Remember when around the butt area keep silent. Mention her skin but never her butt. No matter how great it looks. I have yet to meet a woman who thought she had a great butt. We all think it’s too big or floppy. So just stay away altogether. It’s safer that way.

Along the kissing and touching trail if she really likes a certain area you are paying attention to. Make sure to go back there often while on your trip around her body. Let her know if you want her to move positions or open her eyes and watch. You are in control right now.

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If she is ready. Now is a good time to perform oral sex. You have already found her spot with your fingers. So it should not be too hard to follow with your tongue. If you do not know how to perform oral sex. Get some help. Books, friend or Google. But learn. Again this one is well worth the effort.

Remember if she give you the signal she does not like something. Please stop and don’t do it again. Might be too hard or just an overly sensitive area. Some like it soft and some like it hard.

If you are lucky and good she has already had two orgasms. Now she is really ready. Trust me it gets better and better.

Attention to foreplay shows you care and are not an insensitive, selfish jerk. If you happen to be an insensitive, selfish jerk I am sure you can fake it for better sex.

Good Luck!



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