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Is waiting for the escort to arrive and opens the door immediately, so she does not have to stand out in the hall or at the front door and wait. Had ID and payment ready and out for her to look at. Everything is so much easier when all the business is out of the way. Then everyone can get comfortable. Offers the escort a beverage. Even if the girl does not drink alcohol a soft drink or bottled water would be nice. The perfect guy also understands the word NO when the escort does not want an alcoholic beverage. He makes sure that his home or hotel room is tidy before she arrives. No one wants to sit around in a dirty house or hotel room. Old and used towels and bed linens are nasty. He has showered before the escort’s arrival. No matter how hot and buff you are. No one really likes a sweaty and smelly man. That is a myth propagated by Nike The perfect client has brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth right before her arrival. The really super perfect dream date has forgone onions and garlic on the day of his date. He acts like a gentleman at all times. Many of the escort state in their bio that a gentleman is a real turn on. Not kidding. A dream date guy respects the escort’s privacy and does not ask for her phone number. She is working for an agency or service to keep her privacy. Not to mention convenience and scheduling. He is always alone at the location the escort is coming to. Safety is an even bigger issue for the girls than privacy.
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